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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Many homeowners choose shag rugs because of their softness, comfortable and warm characteristics. Each is a great floor piece to use in the living room...

Hand Washing Rug Palm Beach County

Hand Washing Rug

The maintenance of Oriental rugs is not always easy. Sometimes we damage them in the process, making them look less attractive...

Pet Odor Removal Palm Beach County

Pet Odor Removal

Rug owners who have pets in their homes almost have the same problems: Odors and pet stains on their precious rugs and carpets. But of course...

Rug Restoration Palm Beach County

Rug Restoration

When you have a rug in your home, one of the biggest challenges that you will subsequently face is how to maintain it so that its condition and beauty...

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About Our Company

Have you tried cleaning your rug with do-it-yourself cleaning detergents or chemicals? If not done properly, your rug may be damaged permanently or it may fade and lose its color. It is best to entrust your rugs to professionals like us at Oriental Rug Cleaning Palm Beach County...

What Our Clients Say About Us

“One of my precious rugs was stained with blue ink by our pet dog. I was really heartbroken when I saw the severity of the damage. I was already on the point of giving up, thinking that the only choice I have left was to get rid of my rug and purchase a new one. However, after searching online, I stumbled upon this website..”

“I am a very busy man. I travel a lot and I am seldom home. This is probably the reason why my very first Oriental rug, which is also my favorite one, was not properly cleaned. It has a sentimental value because I bought it even before I moved in to my very first apartment. But over the years, it has collected so many..”

“Over the past few years, I had my rugs cleaned by several rug cleaning companies and I wasn’t happy with most of them. There was once instance when I had one of my rugs cleaned by a professional rug cleaning company because of a stain that had seeped through the inner layers, but when they give it...”

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